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A spill from Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline in Kamloops, B.C., Canada, late last month was 48 times larger than initially reported, officials said.

The spill volume reported from the company’s Darfield station north of Kamloops on May 27 was revised to 4,800 liters from 100 liters, B.C. Ministry of Environment officials said.

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It said 100 liters is the minimum threshold under the company’s spill reporting obligations, so that’s why the ministry estimated 100 liters at the time.

Trans Mountain spokeswoman Ali Hounsell said the company didn’t tell regulators how much medium crude oil escaped at the time of the spill.

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“Trans Mountain had not provided an estimate of the volume spilled, other than to confirm with regulators that it was over the reportable threshold, until cleanup had sufficiently progressed to a stage where an accurate estimation could be provided,” she said.

Following an onsite investigation, she said Trans Mountain provided the updated volume estimate to regulators.

Trans Mountain is in the final stages of completing the cleanup, she said.

Under British Columbia’s spill reporting regulation, Trans Mountain was required to report the spill immediately. The regulation said the quantity spilled should be among the information included in that report, “to the extent practical.”

The company turned off the pipeline for several hours the day of the spill, which the ministry said came from a leaking flow meter.

The spill was contained to the station property and no waterways were affected, the ministry said.

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