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Workers erect a temporary fence around this industrial wind turbine in January that buckled at the half-way point.
Photo by Ellwood Shreve at the Chatham Daily News

One faulty blade was to blame for a wind turbine collapse in Raleigh Township, Ontario, Canada, earlier this year.

After repair work ended up completed, the Raleigh Wind Power facility returned to service March 28, said officials at TerraForm Power, which owns the wind farm in Chatham-Kent.

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“The review confirmed that the collapse of a turbine at the facility earlier this year was caused by a single faulty blade. No other similar issues were identified through the review process,” said Chad Reed, director of investor relations.

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He added the review was conducted by third-party professionals, as well as the company’s own engineering team.

The turbine tower buckled in the early morning hours of January 19. The entire 52-turbine facility was immediately taken offline as a precaution until the inspection was complete. There were no injuries in the incident.

Reed added the company plans to keep a close eye on the facility in the meantime.

“We will continue to regularly and rigorously monitor all turbines as part of our ongoing review and maintenance process,” he said.

In a previous interview, a spokesperson for the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) indicated such failures are rare.

“As far as CanWEA is aware, this is the second time an incident of this kind has occurred in the history of the Canadian fleet of 6,400-plus wind turbines,” Jean-François Nolet said.

Wind turbines are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure peak performance and safety, he said.

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