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The UPS.500 lithium uninterruptible control system power supply is one of two products from Bedrock Automation to have achieved compliance with Military Standard 461 (MIL-STD-461E) and International Electrical Commission 61000 (IEC 61000) for electromagnetic pulse resistance.

Bedrock Automation’s secure power supply (SPS.500) and lithium uninterruptible power supply (UPS.500) achieved compliance with Military Standard 461 (MIL-STD-461E) and International Electrical Commission 61000 (IEC 61000) for electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resistance.

This certification, which Bedrock Automation has also achieved on its Bedrock control system, means Bedrock users now have maximal assurance of process continuity during an EMP event.

Emerson Actuator Certified for Functional Safety
Emerson Controller SIL 3 Certified
UE Gains SIL 2 Switch Certification
Moore Releases SIL 3 Transmitter

“Bedrock is the first – and still the only – industrial control system to have received mil-spec level certification and we are now proud to announce that we have reached this unique milestone for our power supply and battery backup system as well. As the threat of an EMP event becomes increasingly understood, our users can have greater confidence that their operations will not be interrupted,” said Bedrock founder and chief executive Albert Rooyakkers.

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National Technical Systems, an independent military and industrial testing firm, conducted test RS105 for radiated susceptibility to a transient electromagnetic field. The power supplies were tested separately, each receiving repeated 50,000 V/m nanosecond EMP strikes that emulate the energy of a High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP), as would be created by an atmospheric nuclear detonation. The Bedrock power supplies performed without error and without consequential damage during and after the test.

The SPS.500 Secure Power Supply provides cyber security authentication and onboard intelligence for diagnostics and secure Ethernet communications. Encased in a NEMA 4X sealed aluminum enclosure, it provides single or redundant power, using 90-264 V AC main voltage 50/60 Hz input. Its output of up to 500 watts is software configurable, between 21 to 28 volts. Users of any PLC, SCADA RTU, PAC or DCS can retrofit to the new SPS.500 inside or outside enclosures, anywhere in a plant and in harsh environments

The UPS.500 uninterruptible power supply is designed to be the battery backup for the Bedrock OSA, but can be used to supply 24 V DC 12Ah of power to any industrial control system. An onboard secure microcontroller controls the Li-Ion polymer battery cell-by-cell, augmenting the high density, rapid charging, extreme temperature tolerance and extended life that characterizes Li-Ion technology. It is also protected by a sealed aluminum enclosure rated for IP66/67.

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