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By Gregory Hale
Ethernet networking is still in its infancy and will just continue to take off in the years to come.

“Today, Ethernet is the way to go, said Steve Biegacki, senior vice president at Belden, during his opening keynote today at the 2013 Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Design Seminar in Philadelphia. “It is very early in the industrial Ethernet space. We are now learning how to do things like making it secure.”

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Ethernet has been around for the industry to use for quite a while, but through technology advances, users are just now being able to reap the benefits.

“Industrial Ethernet allows us to create safety and automation networks,” Biegacki said. With those benefits, comes other areas users have to watch and learn and one is security and the other is wireless.

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“Those are issues,” Biegacki said, “but they are also opportunities.”

Belden understand the backbone behind any company’s infrastructure relies upon networking and they have offerings from the cabling used for the networking, to wireless to security and most things in between.

Understanding it is all about increasing uptime by eliminating any unplanned outages, Belden is using their vast networking knowledge and expertise to go out and guarantee their products.

That is why they rolled out a certification program to help ensure customers’ industrial networks are reliable, adaptable and support growing control and information needs.

Belden will certify entire industrial networks, providing peace-of-mind and minimized downtime through enhanced warranties and dedicated customer support.

Whether it is a new network or making updates to an existing system, Belden’s Certified Industrial Network Program supports and guides the process.

Only networks that meet Belden’s design standards, with positive test results, end up certified.

“We can provide a certified network today and into the future,” Biegacki said

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