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An explosion likely resulting from ignited coal dust at CPS Energy’s Deely 1 coal power plant will force the plant to remain shuttered for several weeks as crews repair damage from last Tuesday’s blast, utility officials said.

Two employees received minor injuries from falling debris, according to a press statement by CPS. Both received first aid and went back to work. The plant is in Bexar County, TX.

Power Plant Offline for Repair
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Coal Plants Knocked Offline
One More Coal Plant Shutting Down

CPS officials said there is no danger of a power shortage since cooler temperatures have reduced demand. Customers should not see any difference in their service, the company said.

The explosion likely triggered when coal dust caught fire, damaging the portion of the plant that houses its coal conveyor system, according to a statement by David Herbst, CPS’s senior vice president of power generation.

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According to a press release issued by CPS, an initial investigation revealed that the Cascade building — a section of the plant that feeds coal into silos – suffered damage. The plant’s fire suppression system triggered and worked “as the safety system should,” officials said.

The Cascade building is “several steps removed” from the section of the power plant where they burn coal and transform it into energy.

CPS is still investigating the cause of the explosion, officials add. The company also has been in discussion with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality about the incident.

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