A fire at a gas processing plant in Springfield Township late Monday afternoon forced fire crews from several departments to respond.

The fire started in the back of the Pennant Midstream LLC’s Hickory Bend cryogenic processing plant on State Line Road in Springfield, Township, OH. A black plume of smoke coming from the facility was visible for miles.

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Investigators think it may have started when some foam caught fire in the facility.

No one was hurt and the gas processing plant did not suffer damage.

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The Hickory Bend system represents a $375 million investment from Pennant and includes 55 miles of 20-inch to 24-inch wet gas gathering pipelines that lead to the large cryogenic plant on State Line Road in Springfield Township.

Pennant’s plant accepts natural gas from producing wells in the Utica shale and separates dry gas, in this case, methane, from natural gas liquids. The dry gas transports through existing lines and into homes and businesses across the region, while the wet gas ships 38 miles via a new liquids gathering pipeline to a fractionation hub in Harrison County.

There, the liquids end up separated into specific products such as ethane, butane and propane.

The new cryogenic plant near New Middletown supports gas production from nearby Hilcorp wells and other producers, the company said. The first plant, or “train,” is capable of processing 200 million cubic feet a day, but gathering lines hold the capacity to transport 600 million cubic feet a day.

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