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More than 100 firefighters worked overnight last Friday and into Saturday afternoon to contain a fire at Georgetown Paper Stock in Rockville, MD.

It happened on the 14,000-block of Southlawn Lane in Rockville, which is in the industrial part of town.

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The fire broke out when company employees were unloading a truck filled with recycling material they found that part of the load was on fire, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue (MCFRS) officials said.

The fire spread quickly due to wind conditions and combustible material. Firefighters were on the scene all day on Saturday working to contain the smoldering debris underneath the cardboard and recycling material. 

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“It’s a very challenging fire, not all that different from a hay fire or a mulch fire. The fire tends to tunnel underneath and get inside the bundles of cardboard,” said MCFRS Battalion Chief, Daniel Ogren.

Officials said it took 1 million gallons of water to contain the fire. There were no injuries and the estimated cost of damage is roughly $100,000.

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