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An oil rig explosion that injured four El Dorado Drilling Co. workers in Logan County, OK, was the result of a blowout on a drilling rig, a company attorney said.

Kirkpatrick Oil Co. is the operator of the oil well and the company’s attorney, Jeremy Fitzpatrick, said a blowout occurs when oil or gas escapes from the well during drilling, rises to the surface and sometimes ignites.

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In Friday’s explosion, the substance ignited and started a fire, injuring four workers, he said.

The company did not reveal the exact location of the site and details were not available on how badly the workers’ injuries were.

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“That’s absolutely priority No. 1 for us, is that we monitor their well-being,” Fitzpatrick said, adding he couldn’t comment further on their medical conditions.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration opened an investigation into the explosion.

El Dorado Drilling Co. did not comment about the incident.

The rig involved in the explosion sustained extensive damage and the fire that began Friday continued to burn through Saturday. Firefighters put the blaze out Saturday night, Fitzpatrick said.

“Our hope is that these four injured workers are able to recover quickly, and our secondary hope is to be able to salvage the well,” he said.

“It’s a dangerous job and unfortunately these types of things happen, and no one likes when it does.”

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