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If you don’t think companies are under constant attack, think again.

Boeing is under “continuous” cyber attack, but luckily, so far, there has been no breach of its databases, a senior executive said.

“We, as are other global enterprises, are under a continuous state of cyber attack and cyber probing,” said Dennis Muilenburg, the chief executive of Boeing Defense, Space and Security.

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Japanese electronics giant Sony is still recovering from a series of online incursions while Google also suffered a big hit, as has defense contractors Lockheed Martin and L-3 Communications.

Cyber Security

“We recognize the reality of global business today, is that cyber attacks are part of business and we’ve been prepared for that so this is not a surprising environment to us,” he said.

Muilenburg did not want to mention how often the attacks took place or the people behind it but said Boeing’s investment to protect its systems from hackers has paid off.

“I can tell you that the defensive capabilities that we’ve built up are very effective, and give us confidence and our enterprise is secure because of that investment,” he said.

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