Israeli websites are under attack as part of the Anonymous OpIsrael campaign which launched a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults April 7.

In its analysis of the hit, Trend Micro said the source of these attacks — over 90 percent of the traffic — came from outside Israel on April 7. A regular day would not have close to that amount of outside traffic.

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Based on information collected by Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network, a big spike in traffic was very apparent that day.

Another part of the analysis shows hacktivists were not the only ones launching the attacks. Quit a few of the IP addresses associated with the botnets were under the control of cyber criminals.

Schneider Bold

More precisely, the IP addresses were victims of ransomware, Fake AV and exploit kit attacks.

“These findings highlight how major DDoS attacks are, at least in part, not just carried out by hacker groups like Anonymous but by cybercriminals as well. These attacks are not nearly as ‘harmless’ as some would think,” said Trend Micro Big Data Security Analyst Chris Huang.

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