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A BP refinery in Blaine, WA, shut down after a February fire is back up and running.

Repairs and maintenance wrapped up in May at the Cherry Point refinery near Blaine, said BP spokesman Scott Dean.

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The manager of BP’s Cherry Point refinery in Blaine, WA, said the cause of a fire in early February was most likely from equipment failure.

A failure in the “crude vacuum unit” led to the release of some heavier crude, which ignited when it came in contact with air.

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The three-month outage was one reason gasoline prices have been higher on the West Coast than the rest of the nation. But other factors also go into the price of gasoline, including increased demand for summer driving.

BP Cherry Point is the third-largest refinery on the West Coast. The refinery can process 230,000 barrels of crude oil a day.

It produces 20 percent of Washington’s gasoline needs and supplies the majority of jet fuel for Sea-Tac, Portland and Vancouver, British Columbia, airports.

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