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Fazio Mechanical Services, Inc. confirmed reports it was the company whose systems ended up breached by attackers so they could hit the Target department stores.

However, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company said it does not perform remote monitoring of the systems installed at Target as some researchers said.

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Instead, the data connection between Fazio and Target was “exclusively for electronic billing, contract submission and project management.”

Fazio President Ross E. Fazio said the retailer is the only customer with which it had such a data connection.

Cyber Security

“No other customers have been affected by the breach,” Fazio said.

Furthermore, he said all their IT and security systems are in “full compliance with industry practices.”

Because of the ongoing investigation, the company said it can’t provide any additional details, but added it is fully cooperating with Target and authorities to identify the causes of the breach.

In late January, Target representatives revealed that the cybercriminals stole credentials from a vendor in order to hack into their networks.

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