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They are still brewing beer at the Yuengling Brewery in North Tampa, FL, after a fire that could have been more damaging, a plant manager said Sunday.

“We’ll be able to fix it and we’re very fortunate people,” Manager Jim Helmke said outside the factory.

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The fire started late Saturday evening and took firefighters hours to extinguish while they battled hot spots. Officials are estimating damage at $1 million.

Helmke said the cause of the fire was a crew welding the fire escape to the building accidentally sparked the flames.

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The fire spread to the upper beams of the roof, but remained contained to the southwest corner of the plant but spared the inside of the building.

“We’ll be making beer in the morning,” Helmke said, adding the two workers who were there when during the fire were not hurt and the beer did not suffer any damage. “This is a very isolated part of the building. It’s a place where beer is set and aged. It turns out none of our aging beer was even close to the source of the fire.”

A Tampa firefighter was hurt responding to the fire but has since been released from the hospital.

The plant employs 70 people, but none will have take time off of work due to the fire.

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