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Workers contained 317 barrels of saltwater and four barrels of oil after a spill in North Dakota’s northwest corner, state officials said.

The spill ended up reported Monday by Whiting Oil and Gas at a tank battery near Alexander, ND. The company says a frozen valve is blamed for causing the spill, said the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division.

Fracking Water Spill in ND
ND Oil Well Spills Brine
Out of Control ND Well Contained
ND Spill Reaches Waterway

The agency said less than a barrel of oil and 37 barrels of saltwater remain for recovery.

The division didn’t report any environmental damage. It said a state inspector is at the site and monitoring the cleanup.

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Saltwater is a byproduct of oil production. It is many times saltier than seawater and the state treats it as an environmental hazard.

While not a huge spill, this is just another in a long string of incidents in the North Dakota oil patch.

Earlier this month, almost 170,000 gallons of water used to enhance oil recovery leaked from a pipeline in southwest North Dakota.

In October, A failed valve at a fracking well in Mountrail County, ND, spilled 830 barrels of saltwater, but the mess ended quickly cleaned up, officials said.

In addition, there was a mechanical failure at the wellhead that created an out of control well in North Dakota and it took workers two days to contain it and get it under control. North Dakota oil regulators said the well that leaked oil, gas and brine for more than two days.

That incident resulted in the release of 650 barrels of oil and 520 barrels of brine.

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