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Helsinki police arrested a man from Finland who they say had access to over 60,000 web servers located all over the world.

The suspect has been accused of hacking, payment fraud and telecommunications harassment. The list of the web servers he had under control is in the hands of CERT-FI.

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The cybercriminal ring police said the man is a part of has been using the compromised servers for credit card fraud, police said.

Police found on the suspect’s computer the details of over 3,000 payment cards belonging to foreigners. The man has admitted using the information to make online purchases.

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Police said the criminal group apparently stole the credit card details of Finnish citizens as well. Police is collaborating with payment processor Nets on investigating the impacted Finnish credit cards.

Helsinki police have also been collaborating with the FBI on this case. The investigation is ongoing.

The suspect’s name was not immediately available.

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