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Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc., is facing $67,500 in fines after a worker suffered fatal injuries at its Los Molinos, CA, facility, said officials at the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal OSHA).

Inspectors determined the company failed to train workers on hazardous energy, ensure the proper identification and evaluation of workplace hazards, and use an extension tool to minimize crushing hazards.

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Crain Walnut Shelling is facing four serious violations.

In one of the violations, prior to and during the course of an inspection, Crain Walnut Shelling contracted from Cal North Farm Labor Contracting Inc., a provider of temporary employees, failed to ensure procedures for identifying and evaluating workplace hazards including periodic inspections to identify unsafe conditions were being conducted for the exposure of an employee while cleaning the bin dumper area on Laser sorting Line 4 in Building 22.

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In addition, inspectors found Crain Walnut Shelling failed to ensure training and instruction was being provided to their employee, including but not limited to training and instruction on the cleaning operations and the associated hazards.

Also, Crain Walnut Shelling failed to train an employee in the control of hazardous energy or lock out tag out for servicing or cleaning of the bin dumper area.

In addition, Crain Walnut Shelling did not use an extension tool to minimize the crushing hazards associated with cleaning of the bin dumper area on laser sorting line 4 and as a result, on October 6, an employee suffered fatal injuries when the bin was lowered onto him.

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