This time a warning allowed people to clear out when a gas leak resulted from a damaged PG&E line.

An evacuation order lasted almost four hours ended up lifted for parts of Alamo, CA, Wednesday afternoon as crews continued to repair the damaged line.

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Alerts to evacuate went out shortly before noon by multiple agencies after a work crew hit the gas line around 10:30 a.m., PG&E spokeswoman Tamar Sarkissian said.

An East Bay Municipal Utility District crew hit the line, Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jimmy Lee said. Crews had not determined the size of the leak, Sarkissian said.

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A telephone emergency notification went out to more than 900 phone lines in the affected area of Alamo, Lee said, and officials ordered residents on Alamo Square Drive to leave their homes and move as far south on the street as possible.

Residents could only take essential items they could carry with them and to turn off all heat sources in their residences. They also had to leash their pets or put them in carriers.

Businesses in the central business district also evacuated, Danville police Lt. Jeff Moule said.

People also told residents to stay off phones unless they needed to report a life-threatening emergency in that location, Lee said. Those physically unable to evacuate needed to call 911, Moule said.

There were no injuries or hospitalizations as a result of the leak.

Officials lifted the evacuation order around 3:20 p.m. after they capped the gas leak. After they capped the leak, officials said repairs would then take an additional six to eight hours. In the meantime, residents were able to return to their homes and businesses.

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