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UMC Acquisition Corp. in Downey, CA, faces $86,615 in fines for 11 citations after unguarded moving belts and pulleys resulted in the amputation of a worker’s fingers, said officials at the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal OSHA).

Inspectors found the company failed to assess the workplace for hazards, ensure proper lockout/tagout procedures were implemented, and install guards on moving machinery.

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UMC Acquisition is a manufacturer of extruded aluminum products, aluminum coating of metal products, aluminum profile extrusions, beryllium profile extrusions, brass profile extrusions, bronze profile extrusions, copper profile extrusions, ferrous alloy profile extrusions, lead profile extrusions, magnesium profile extrusions and provides non-ferrous rolling and drawing services and anodizing services.

UMC faces six serious, four general and one regulatory penalty for the October 26 incident.

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In one of the serious violations, the employer did not ensure the Log Saw was stopped and the power source de-energized or disengaged, and, if necessary, the moveable parts were mechanically blocked or locked out to prevent inadvertent movement, or release of stored energy during cleaning, servicing and adjusting operations. As a result, on October 26, 2017, an employee sustained an amputation of fingers when he made contact with moveable parts while attempting to clean The Log Saw, Cal/OSHA officials said.

In another serious violation, the employer did not ensure their hazardous energy control procedures, to be used by their employees, included separate procedural steps for the safe lockout/tagout of the Log Saw. Cal/OSHA officials said.

In another of the serious violations, the employer did not guard all moving parts of belt and pulley drives located 7 feet or less above the floor for their Log Saw, Cal/OSHA officials said.

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