Safety & Security for Life

Securing Digital Transformation

An Internet-enabled industrial CCTV system went live online not too long ago and in three short minutes the camera started to get malicious traffic requests. Think about it: One system placed on the massive Internet and it started getting attacks in three minutes.

Mindset Changing on Safety and Profitability

Safety systems continue working silently in the background, chugging along keeping a constant vigil over manufacturing operations to ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

Safety, Connectivity and IIoT

Increased connectivity across any manufacturing enterprise, from the oil and gas industry all the way to making buttons for a clothing line, has the potential to hike business intelligence, productivity and profitability.

Security: People as a Strength

It wasn’t that long ago when a German steel mill fell victim to a cyber attack that resulted in parts of the plant failing and a blast furnace workers could not shut down through normal methods.

How to Start a Security Program

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick; there is no way to stop a second hand, which shifts to minutes and then hours and then days. Like waves crashing on the shore, time keeps moving no matter what.

Safety and Profitability

Safety technology and the professionals behind it provide a solid assurance the process and facility remain safe and sound on a daily basis, there is no doubt. While that is a vital element of process automation, there can be so much more.

Making Time for Security

Not too long ago, a young Polish boy found a hole in the network of a European tram system. He was able to get into the system, navigate his way around and then, using a television remote, he was able to switch tracks using the infrared device on the remote.

Modernization Vision Includes Solid Security Program

By Gregory Hale The old system keeps chugging along and throughput remains steady, but everyone knows it is time to jump headfirst into the new age of automation to take advantage of what technology has to offer. But that leap of faith brings on a new …

Lesson Learned: IT-OT Convergence

By Gregory Hale Gary Williams knows one answer to the IT-OT security schism. Williams, the Schneider Electric Senior Director of Technology, Cyber Security and Communications, found a case where IT and OT were not working well together so the manufactu …

Securing Safety: Know the Risk

By Gregory Hale One assumption about safety systems is they need to remain isolated from the control system, ensuring nothing will hinder their mission to keep the plant and workers safe. But if we have learned anything in this cyber-aware world, isola …

Security Evolution: New Approach Brings Dividends

By Gregory Hale Spear phishing campaigns used in advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks and social engineering are gaining a foothold into enterprise systems these days, which is providing a pivot point for assaults into the industrial control networ …

Security from Executive Level

Security awareness is through the roof in the manufacturing automation sector and executive buy in is vital for any kind of program to gain traction. At the Schneider Electric’s Automation Conference, CONNECT 2016, in New Orleans in late May, Gary Freb …

Standards for Productivity and Profit

One refinery was running a very complex parallel network and workers knew adhering to standards was the way to ensure a secure environment, save money, keep the system up and running for a more profitable enterprise.

Establishing, Improving Safety, Security

By Gregory Hale Maturity of safety systems has huge advantage over implementing a security program. Safety systems, once the babe in the woods, is the wise, grizzled veteran in any manufacturing enterprise, but security, the new kid on the block, needs …

Time for Cyber Security is Now

Cyber security breaches can cause worker injury, equipment failures, and unexpected facility shutdowns as easily as process safety incidents. Yet unlike safety standards, which are widely mandated, cyber security standards are only required at nuclear …

Enabling Business Through Safety, Security

By Gregory Hale An oil platform stood silently awash in the Gulf of Mexico waves a short time ago and unbeknownst to workers on the rig and others onshore, malware was on board turning that facility into a potential floating time bomb. Malware, downloa …

Proactive Mgt. of Safety Systems Saves Lives, Time, Money

Continuously monitoring process safety systems during the life of a facility is key to a company’s success and safety. Companies that take a proactive approach to operating and maintaining process safety systems over the life of a plant stand poised to …

Becoming More Proactive About Functional Safety

Companies need to build functional safety into every phase of their systems. When it comes to functional safety, high-risk manufacturing and processing facilities need to anticipate problems rather than simply react to them. But many companies have bee …

Long-Term: Considering Total Cost Of Ownership

Facilities can right size their safety systems by considering nuisance trips, maintenance costs and other related issues. Purchasing a safety system is one of the most important choices that oil refineries, chemical processing and nuclear power facilit …

Can You Future-Proof a Control System?

How much has the world changed since you installed your automation system? If you installed a DCS 20-years ago, the world that you are operating in today likely looks much different: a different compliance picture, new regulations, and much else. Your …

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