Exposure to bleach led to a security officer at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, MA, to end up rushed to Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth hospital Wednesday, fire officials said.

Initially two security officers that were working an overnight shift – from Tuesday into Wednesday – reported an odor “causing one to feel nauseous and have blurred vision,” said Patrick O’Brien, senior communications specialist at Entergy Pilgrim Station.

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Both officers ended up removed from the post and attended to by onsite medical staff and later cleared, and both remained onsite until the end of their shift.

“One of the two officers, upon returning to the station for his next scheduled shift, reported similar symptoms and a determination was made to have the officer further evaluated,” O’Brien said.

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“That officer was transported to the hospital, evaluated and released by the hospital around 3 a.m. Thursday to return to full duty.

“The station conducted a full investigation of the area where the officers had been working, including air-sampling and chemical evaluations,” O’Brien said, “and did not identify any cause of the odor that caused the symptoms.

Plymouth Fire Chief Ed Bradley said that while on patrol the two guards came in contact with bleach, first contacting it on their hands and later, transferring the contaminant to their faces.

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