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More than a dozen workers, ended up at the hospital, hazardous materials incident, Merrimack, NH, More than a dozen workers ended up at the hospital last Tuesday after a hazardous materials incident at a company in Merrimack, NH.

Three employees at Spraying Systems Company on Daniel Webster Highway were working with a new chemical from Colombia when it reacted, said chief Michael Currier of the Merrimack Fire Department.

“They were doing a process and something didn’t seem right to them so we sent an engine down to investigate and there was some type of chemical reaction that they were doing that wasn’t up to par for what they expected,” Currier said.

The three workers then started feeling nauseous and having stomach cramps, Currier said.

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Ten other employees then started reporting having similar symptoms.

All 13 workers were taken to the hospital, and are expected to be OK, Currier said.

Currier said the emergency response took so long in part due to the documentation that came with the new chemical was in Spanish, which none of the first responders could speak. He said an online translator had to be used so crews could understand what the chemical was.

The building was evacuated, and after air testing, the facility has been cleared for people to return to work tomorrow, Currier said.

“Until we investigate what happened, we’re just glad (the employees) are safe and are at home,” said Joe Ruelas of Spraying Systems.

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