A pinhole-sized leak in a pipe led to a chemical leak at a plant in Union County, SC, sent four workers to the hospital Thursday morning, officials said.

The spill occurred at ESAB Welding & Cutting in the Buffalo community shortly after 9 a.m., officials said.

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A pinhole leak in a pipe released sulfuric acid, said Rob Fraim, with Union County Emergency Management.

Fraim said three people were taken to Union Medical Center for decontamination and a fourth person was airlifted to Spartanburg Regional for treatment after getting sulfuric acid in the eyes.

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The leak was repaired quickly, Fraim said.

Dispatchers said the Buffalo Fire Department was working to clean up the spill.

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products opened the manufacturing facility in 2012. The 260,000 square-foot plant is a production site for the manufacture of welding wires.

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