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Employees were able to safely muster outside a facility after a chemical fire at the PeroxyChem plant in Tonawanda, NY, Saturday night.

Multiple crews responded to reports of a chemical substance which caught on fire in oxidizer equipment at the PeroxyChem plant. PeroxyChem said on Sunday the sprinkler system ended up activated in part of the warehouse by smoke coming from packaged product.

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There were no injuries but plenty of firefighters and equipment responded to make sure it did not get out of control.

There were employees in the area at the time but they safely evacuated as the sprinkler system went on. PeroxyChem was formerly a division of FMC.

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Investigators are looking into the exact cause of the fire.

PeroxyChem’s Tonawanda plant manufactures persulfate and peracetic acid-based products used in environmental remediation, oil and gas production, and the food and beverage, industrial cleaning and personal care industries.

The Tonawanda plant has been in operation since 1926.

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