Chemical company, Omnia Holdings, suffered a cyber attack on its IT infrastructure, officials said.

Omnia Holding Limited is a holding company for a group of companies that produces and supplies fertilizer to the agricultural industry, explosives to the mining industry and industrial chemical products. The group’s operations are located in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The company is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

The company said it was alerted to abnormal activity on its network on March 12 and specialist teams promptly began investigating the incident.

As a precautionary measure, access to the IT infrastructure was immediately restricted across the business and recovery procedures were implemented, company officials said.

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“Our production facilities and operations remained unaffected by the cyber attack and we continue to serve our customers,” said Seelan Gobalsamy, Omnia chief executive. “Whilst the impact on the group has been minimal to date, there might be some disruption from an administrative support perspective until the full functionality of the IT infrastructure has been restored.”

Omnia said it takes the integrity of its IT network seriously. “IT security specialists have been working around the clock to restore all systems and address disruptions in the most efficient and effective manner,” company officials said.

The group said it will keep all stakeholders updated on developments and progress.

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