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Gasoline, butane and propane leaked from a pipeline in a hazmat incident Monday evening in eastern Summit County, UT, officials said.

Citation Oil and Gas Corp. noticed the break in the underground pipeline after the chemicals bubbled to the surface, said North Summit Fire District spokesman Tyler Rowser.

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Hazmat crews responded to the scene to contain the 11,000 gallons that leaked, officials said. Crews anticipated the cleanup would begin Tuesday, the agency said.

The spill occurred in a ditch near Chalk Creek Road about 14 miles east of Coalville, UT. The Summit County Health Department also responded to the scene.

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A business that stores the substances and mixes them for distribution called in the emergency after noticing they had abnormally low tank levels, Rowser said.

An environmental company will clean up the substances, he said. Chalk Creek is on the other side of the roadway, and no water sources suffered from the issue, Rowser said. The roadway closed down, but reopened Tuesday.

Officials examined two homes, but did not evacuate them after the spill, Rowser said.

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