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Multiple neighborhoods evacuated after a chemical reaction at an Archdale, NC, environmental plant Monday.

The reaction occurred at 5:39 p.m. at A&D Environmental Services, located at 2718 Uwharrie Road. It initially came out as a fire/hazmat call.

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Residents of Circle Drive, Circle Drive Extension, Bowen Drive and a portion of Uwharrie Road evacuated because of the reaction, according to High Point Fire Department firefighters.

The reaction occurred when sodium bicarbonate, which was in a covered area outside of the building, reacted with an unknown chemical and caused a vapor to go into the air, said Glenn Clapp, manager of the City of High Point Office of Emergency Management.

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Clapp said the vapor could be potentially harmful so officials evacuated about 35 homes in the area as a precautionary measure.

Air quality testing occurred in neighborhoods and there was nothing harmful found, Clapp said.

Crews cleaned up the scene and loaded the sodium bicarbonate into a truck.

Sodium bicarbonate is a standard chemical they work with and this was a very out of the ordinary occurrence, said Shawn King, spokesperson for A&D Environmental.

There were no injuries in the incident.

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