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A toolkit to help small and medium-size businesses with environmental health and safety (and security) (EHS) issues, accident prevention, and reporting is now available from the European Chemical Industry Council (cefic).

A new Responsible Care toolkit created to help small and medium-sized businesses across Europe has been released by cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, which says the resource will help firms cope with REACH and other new chemical safety regulations and improve their EHS processes.

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Cefic, based in Brussels, is a trade association for 29,000 chemical companies in Europe that employ 1.3 million workers. Responsible Care is a voluntary safety initiative adopted by chemical manufacturers and transports around the world.

Cefic said the kit is the first collection of “validated and freely available tools on subjects such as chemicals management, energy efficiency, occupational health, process safety, [and] transport safety.”

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The council’s manager for Responsible Care is Bernhard Their and you can reach him at

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