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A hazardous materials team is working on containing a carcinogenic chemical that spilled from the Fiber Bond Company’s plant into a Michigan City creek, officials said.

The Michigan City, IN, Fire Department responded to a 3:15 p.m. call on Thursday in response to a chemical that looked like “latex paint” that had spilled into Wolf Creek leading into Trail Creek, Fire Marshal Kyle Kazmierczak said.

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“The actual hazard is more of a concern to the game life rather than the human life,” he said.

Officials from the fire department, Department of Natural Resources, LaPorte Haz-Mat team and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management were assessing the spill and trying to contain it from traveling further down the creek.

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Officials had built levees to try to stop the water from moving, steady rain posed a problem for the management of the water and broke the levees, Kazmierczak said.

However, the chemical is visible and was sitting on top of the water, which helped in trying to determine where the concentration of the carcinogen was at.

Officials identified the source of the spill as coming from the Fiber Bond Company’s plant, Kazmierczak said.

“We know where the source is,” he said. “We know where it was at but we don’t know if it was a faulty valve or a man-made error. That is still under investigation.”

The company manufactures air filtration parts and synthetic materials at the plant located east of Michigan City.

Company representatives were on-scene with the emergency crews, Kazmierczak said.

Officials from the company were not available for comment.

Teams had determined the chemical had leaked through about five miles of water, he said. Trucks began trying to pump the contaminated areas.

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