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Chevron gave federal regulators plans to restart its oil pipeline between eastern Utah’s Hanna and its Salt Lake City refinery.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) must approve the return-to-service plan, aimed at Feb. 1, before any crude can flow again after two large spills near Red Butte Garden — one in June and the second in December.

“PHMSA will make a decision on the restart plan when we are confident all concerns have been satisfied to ensure safety,” agency spokeswoman Julia Valentine said. “We will thoroughly scrutinize the plan to ensure safety and protection of the environment.”

Valentine noted leaders and engineers in her agency have worked closely with the city to see Chevron completes all safety testing and repairs required after the latest spill.

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Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker has said he wants federal regulators to consider the findings of a city-hired independent investigator before the pipeline goes back into service.

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