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Google released Chrome 40 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, which includes 62 security fixes.

External researchers reported 26 vulnerabilities, 17 of which are high severity issues, Google said.

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Android Browser UXSS Vulnerability

The researcher who uses the online moniker yangdingning earned $9,000 for reporting two memory corruption issues in ICU (CVE-2014-7923 and CVE-2014-7926). Christian Holler received $7,000 for a couple of memory corruption bugs affecting V8 (CVE-2014-7927 and CVE-2014-7928).

cloudfuzzer gained $12,000 for a memory corruption in V8 (CVE-2014-7931), three use-after-free flaws in DOM (CVE-2014-7930, CVE-2014-7929 and CVE-2014-7934) and two medium-severity out-of-bounds read issues affecting PDFium.

Cyber Security

Atte Kettunen of OUSPG reported five vulnerabilities, three of which are high severity bugs. Kettunen got $6,500 for identifying these flaws.

Other high-severity issues came from mark.buer (use-after-free in Web audio), aohelin (use-after-free in FFmpeg), Khalil Zhani (use-after-free in Speech), Christoph Diehl (use-after-free in Views), and Takeshi Terada (same-origin-bypass in V8).

The researchers miaubiz, fuzztercluck and jiayaoqijia reported various medium severity vulnerabilities.

Kettunen, Holler, cloudfuzzer and Zhani received an additional $35,000 from Google for working with the company during the development cycle to prevent vulnerabilities from reaching the latest stable channel of Chrome.

Researchers who contributed to making Chrome 40 secure gained $88,500.

Google promised to increase vulnerability rewards in late September.

With the release of Chrome 40, Google disabled SSL 3.0, the protocol found to be vulnerable to Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (POODLE) attacks. SSL 3.0 fallback ended up disabled in Chrome 39 and now the company has disabled support for the old protocol completely.

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