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Google expanded its safe browsing protections to macOS devices by hiking defenses against unwanted software and malware targeting the Apple operating system.

For the past few years, Google has been restricting attempts to change Chrome settings on Windows. These capabilities will now expand to macOS devices as the company hopes to help fight against malware and ad-injectors targeting Apple’s desktop platform with a higher frequency than ever before.

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The Settings Overrides API enables extensions to override various Chrome settings, but it is only supposed to do this in ways that allow users to keep control of their Chrome settings.

“From here on, the Settings Overrides API will be the only approved path for making changes to Chrome settings on Mac OSX, like it currently is on Windows. Also, developers should know that only extensions hosted in the Chrome Web Store are allowed to make changes to Chrome settings,” Google researchers said in a blog post.

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At the end of the month, Chrome and Safe Browsing will start warning users about software that attempts to modify Chrome settings without using the API. Safe Browsing will target attempts to inject ads into webpages, along with attempts to change the browser’s start page, homepage, or the default search engine.

Google is trying to expand its security features over to Apple’s devices in order to keep all its users safe from harm.

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