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Google’s Chrome web browser is now good to go after security professionals plugged three high-severity holes.

Version 21.0.1180.89 of Chrome for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux addresses nine vulnerabilities in the web browser, and fixes a number of non-security issues with Flash, developer tools and gradient boxes.

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The high severity vulnerabilities include two incidents of bad casting, when handling XSL transforms and run-ins, and a stale buffer appearing when loading URLs.

Additionally, the update fixes three medium-risk and three low-risk issues. In total, Google paid security researchers $3,500 for discovering and reporting these holes as part of its Chromium Security Vulnerability Rewards program.

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As usual, further details about the security holes are not immediately available, in order to allow affected users to update to the new version.

Chrome 21.0.1180.89 is available from for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux; existing users can upgrade using the built-in update function. Chrome comes from Chromium, the open source browser project run by Google.

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