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Google’s Chrome 73 web browser is ready to go with security updates for all platforms.

Google Chrome 73 (73.0.3683.75) has security and bug fixes, along with some new features. Google cleared 60 security vulnerabilities in Google Chrome 73.

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Among the vulnerabilities labeled with a high criticality were: Use after free in Canvas; use after free in WebMIDI; heap buffer overflow in V8; type confusion in V8, and Integer overflow in PDFium.

New in the Google Chrome 73 is support for keyboard media keys to control multimedia content on websites, improved Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support, and tab grouping support to better organize multiple tabs.

Cyber Security

Google Chrome 73 also brings improvements for Web Apps to allow them to notify users by displaying badges on their icons, such as for unread items, better spell checking support, as well as new data collection settings to make it easier for users to control what data websites collect from them.

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