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Google Chrome users now have an expanded capability to protect themselves with a customized warning every time they visit a website/page that contains social engineering content.

“The threat landscape is constantly changing — bad actors on the web are using more and different types of deceptive behavior to trick you into performing actions that you didn’t intend or want, so we’ve expanded protection to include social engineering,” said Google’s Emily Schechter, a program manager and Noé Lutz, a software engineer in a blog post.

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Social engineering sites include those created to trick users into downloading and executing malware or unwanted software (e.g. fake updates); those sporting fake warnings, instructing users to contact “tech support” via a given phone number; pages spoofed to look like login pages of popular services (incorrect URL, lack of https is a good indicator the site is not legitimate):

Users should keep in mind the alert won’t show for all social engineering websites, just those already flagged by Google.

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This list regularly ends up updated with newly spotted malicious sites by the Google Safe Browsing team, but that doesn’t mean that users should stop being careful.

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