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Cisco released six security advisories with four rated as high impact and two as critical impact, officials said.

The first vulnerability rated high impact is the web API of the Cisco Prime Infrastructure and EPNM could allow an attacker to send a crafted URL request to by-pass RBAC and gain elevated privileges. CVE-2016-1290 is the case number.

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A second vulnerability rated critical in the web API of the Cisco Prime Infrastructure and EPNM, labeled CVE-2016-1291, could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code with root-level privileges.

In addition, a vulnerability in the TelePresence Server fails to properly handle IPv6 packets. A successful exploit of CVE-2016-1346, rated as high impact, could allow an attacker to cause a kernel panic, rebooting the device.

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The SSH private key for the UCS Invicta ends up stored insecurely in the system. As a result, an attacker could steal the key and use it to gain root privileges on the system. CVE-2016-1313 is the case number of this critical vulnerability.

A second vulnerability in the TelePresence Server, rated as high, fails to properly parse specially crafted ‘evil packets’. Multiple packets eventually cause memory exhaustion and a system crash for the CVE-2015-6313 vulnerability.

A high impact vulnerability, labeled CVE-2015-6312, in the TelePresence Server version 3.1 fails to properly process malformed STUN packets. A successful attack could cause the device to reboot and drop all calls in the process.

Cisco advises administrators to install all relevant patches as soon as possible.

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