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By Gregory Hale
Cisco is delving deeper into the manufacturing automation space with a new program to support cyber security risk management and compliance for industrial control environments.

This new initiative, launched today, is the result of Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE) movement that is finding ways to develop new business processes and operational workflows across vertical industries like manufacturing automation.

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Cisco’s Collaborative Operations and Cisco Secure Ops Solutions will provide solutions that should provide visibility for users into their business and protect them against risks, improve efficiency and lower downtime.

“These solutions were designed to enable our customers like Shell and Halliburton to better collaborate as well as provide a robust and secure solution to quickly address potential threats that come with the increase in connected people, processes and things with IoE,” said Greg Carter, director/general manager for Internet of Everything Services Group at Cisco.

Cyber Security

Cisco is partnering with two industry leaders, Yokogawa Electric Corp. and Rockwell Automation.

“Cisco and Yokogawa will work together to provide security for dynamically changing threats,” said Kiyoomi Tsuruhata, GM and head of business development for Industrial Automation Marketing at Yokogawa.

“We having the ability to drive efficiency, security, agility and choice into networks,” said Matt Fordenwalt, business manager for customer support & maintenance at Rockwell Automation. “The emerging trend of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) working together is driving the need for Cisco and Rockwell Automation to combine expertise across these functions to help design, manage risk and maintain compliance of a secure network infrastructure throughout the connected enterprise.

The following are some of what Cisco Secure Ops is offering:
• Supports cyber security risk management and compliance for industrial control environments. It addresses risks using people, process and technology before, during and after a risk or security event takes place.
• “Critical infrastructure security as-a-service” uses a convenient service wrapper and attaches a set of service level agreements.
• Provides the framework for a wide range of industry partners and technology providers including Rockwell, Yokogawa, McAfee and Symantec, among others.
• Consists of tightly integrated Cisco and third party products and services so it can end up dropped in to brownfield or greenfield environments. The integration extends into commercial arrangements with automation suppliers for services like qualified patch lists and anti-virus updates.
• Secure Ops can help businesses across multiple functions. Business leaders can gain situational awareness for security maturity and compliance. Site leadership and management get reduced management complexity and increased consistency across individual sites, leading to optimized operational costs. Site technical leaders get a technical solution to help manage security and compliance on a per-site basis. Corporate risk and compliance leaders receive near real time information on operational risks associated with threats and adherence to compliance policies.

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