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It wasn’t that long ago when Cisco created an ecosystem for protecting enterprise business networks pxGrid, Identity Services Engine (ISE) and the Firepower portfolio.

To that end, Cisco users delving into the manufacturing automation sector can now extend that reach and bring their OT networks up to the same protection standard as their business networks.

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IT, OT Joining Together for Security
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That is why Cisco inked a pact with network monitoring provider, Claroty, to provide continuous threat detection, visibility and real-time monitoring technology for OT networks, ISE and Firepower–to extend visibility deep into the lowest levels of industrial networks and enabling dynamic, automated, and active threat protection for OT environments.

The integrated solution addresses OT network protection use cases including:
• Visibility into Industrial Networks
 – The system monitors SPAN traffic and leverages the advanced industrial network protocol dissectors in the CoreX engine to automatically identify and classify industrial assets.
Automated Policies – Through integration with pxGrid, Cisco users can easily take asset details into ISE and leverage this asset data to create new policies that are fine-tuned for industrial networks. This integration also enables ISE to automate policy management– applying preset policies for new assets that appear based on the asset type and other details.
Expanded Threat Protection – By using Claroty’s virtual zones capability, which automatically creates logical groups of assets (zones) based on the communications patterns between assets, customers have Firepower rules necessary to implement zone-to-zone micro-segmentation for dramatically enhanced threat protection.
Comprehensive Vulnerability Management – Continuous threat detection also pinpoints which industrial assets have known vulnerabilities and the integration enables ISE or Firepower to ingest this data and automatically apply additional protection rules.

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