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By Gregory Hale
It wasn’t that long ago when anyone in the manufacturing automation industry would have scoffed at the idea of working in the cloud.

But those days are changing as the movement toward a more digital, IT-centric environment is calling for the cloud’s more agile and flexible capabilities.

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To that end, industrial control system security solution provider, Indegy, released a cloud-based cybersecurity-as-a-service offering focusing more on the small- to medium-sized business segment.

Indegy CIRRUS is an industrial cybersecurity-as-a-service (ICSaaS) offering. It can enable any sized organization from global multi-site to single facility companies to monitor and protect their OT networks using cloud-based technologies, and benefit from real-time threat intelligence sharing.

Cyber Security

“Right now the cloud is a de facto standard. It has been a proven and tested approach to security,” said Joe Scotto, CMO at Indegy. “This is giving them the ability to bring cybersecurity to the SMB market. Smaller organizations need this. It looks like an IT tool, but it is managing OT.”

That is what is happening at the SMB level where in most cases, IT is overseeing security of the entire environment. So this way, the IT folks that may not be as knowledgeable of OT, can see things from their perspective, but also help secure the manufacturing environment.

“Smaller manufacturers absolutely have a need for this,” Scotto said. “It gives them access to a number of security things.”

As a part of the release, Indegy CIRRUS will introduce four interwoven applications that can end up deployed:
• Indegy CIRRUS Device Integrity – Patented active detection technology that provides organizations with security coverage that is now in pure cloud configuration made possible with a VPN setup and zero hardware. This is now being offered.

The three other applications will end up released shortly:
• Indegy CIRRUS Live Feed – Threat intelligence infrastructure delivers real-time updates on high-risk threats, including vulnerabilities, signatures and other indicators of compromise.
• Indegy CIRRUS Enterprise Manager – Enables centralized management and visibility for distributed, multi-site environments from the cloud anytime, anywhere.
• Indegy CIRRUS ICS Cloud Collaboration – Collects and correlates anonymized data from deployments around the world for real-time sharing of threat intelligence and remediation recommendations.

By culling information from the cloud, it will be possible to decipher a possible attack and send out notifications earlier than ever before.

“We can detect things in hours and send out an alert right away and we can changes the risk scoring in the same day. But then you have the more sophisticated attacks that take more time to identify what is happening,” said Michael Rothschild, director of product marketing at Indegy.

“The ability to put this in reach for everybody is really the thrust behind this,” Rothschild said. “It a cloud-based service, however, it gives the ability to look across various deployments and actually be able to grab data that looks like it may be an attack. As a result, we can issue security alerts so much faster. The idea of being able to coalesce all this information from the cloud facilities and use it for the greater good. It allows us to see things faster and secure it faster.”

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