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Kaspersky Lab unveiled a subscription service, Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox to help improve investigation and response to complex threats.

The service allows businesses to take advantage of sandboxes without any additional investments into hardware infrastructure.

Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox provides businesses with the opportunity to ‘detonate’ suspicious files in a virtual environment with a full report on the file’s activities.

The service enables cybersecurity teams and security operations center (SOC) specialists to obtain deep insights into malware behavior and design so they can detect targeted cyberthreats that previously were not identified.

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The service is designed to equip businesses with advanced detection technologies that will boost the efficiency of incident response and cybersecurity forensics without any risks to the company’s IT systems.

To avoid potentially harmful malware infecting an organization, the service has advanced anti-evasion technology to detect threats. Kaspersky Cloud Sandbox applies the user’s various emulation techniques, such as Windows button clicking, document scrolling, special routine processes giving malware an opportunity to expose itself, the randomization of user environment parameters and many others.

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