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Start ups in the cybersecurity space continue to multiply as ShieldX Networks launched this week with its cloud security product, Apeiro.

Apeiro takes microsegmentation as its baseline, and then layers in security on top of that.

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In November 2015, the company completed a $9 million Series A financing round.

ShieldX delivers its security through microsegmentation that “provides full security controls, as well as visibility, automation and coordination across multiple cloud environments. As a result, a breach in one area of the network will not compromise other areas,” the company said.

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ESG Labs certified Apeiro “supports VMware vSphere, OpenStack/KVM, and AWS environments, with additional cloud support on the horizon. Highly available and multi-tenant, Apeiro REST APIs support integration with DevOps-oriented processes.” The lab also verifies Apeiro “is fast and easy to deploy over an existing infrastructure (ShieldX boasts 15 minutes), and enables organizations to natively, automatically segment and secure cloud workloads at scale, across both physical and multi-cloud infrastructures.”

Apeiro provides deep packet inspection (DPI), visibility, policy management, and enforcement at cloud scale. Organizations can implement security policies on-demand, based on microsegmentation application-aware access control; threat detection from a combination of 10,000+ threat definitions; malware detection through integration with third-party products such as FireEye; TLS decryption/termination; and URL filtering. DLP is expected in a future release.

Apeiro has the capability to integrate with advanced malware detection technologies.

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