Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software provider, CNL Software, signed a partnership pact with Cepton Technologies, a developer of 3D sensing solutions.

The partnership will drive the automation of threat detection, tracking and escalation in real-time using PSIM, LiDAR and video technologies.

Cepton Technologies’ Helius system is a smart lidar network utilizing edge computing to provide real-time detection, tracking and classification. It can seamlessly track an object from sensor to sensor, providing 3D data on location, dimensions, and velocity, while maintaining the same identification of the object.

By connecting multiple laser-powered sensors, it offers comprehensive coverage of a given area as well as high resolution imaging of objects. Sensors can be clustered as needed but act as one to maximize the simplicity of use and integration. With the built-in software in the hardware unit, Helius is browser-based and can launch on computers and mobile devices for instant monitoring and configuration, without installations of additional software. Furthermore, being edge-based, Helius processes data locally and outputs low-bandwidth data to the central server.

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“CNL Software is committed to working with new and innovative technologies that will give our customers improved security and greater efficiency. Cepton’s lidar sensor technology brings the technological leaps that have taken place in autonomous vehicles to the security industry, especially in the government and critical infrastructure markets where we are experiencing growing demand for the integration of multiple different security system and sensor technologies,” said Keith Bloodworth, chief executive at CNL Software.

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