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A power failure at Suncor’s Commerce City, CO, Refinery Saturday led to an “operational upset” and flames shooting from the facility, officials said.

Suncor said the power failed at about 10 p.m., and there were no injuries.

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“Suncor’s Commerce City Refinery experienced a total power failure from Xcel Energy which resulted in an operational upset,” Suncor officials said. “Due to this upset, visible flaring was seen at the facility. Suncor’s emergency response team responded and there were no injuries. Suncor is working closely with external response agencies from South Adams County Fire Department and Commerce City Police Department.”

“The regulators have been notified and we have initiated air monitoring in and around the refinery and neighboring community with no abnormal readings to date.”

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In October, a power outage at the refinery sent a colored plume of a clay-like dust coated with hydrocarbon oil.

Company officials later said more than 75,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide released, exceeding a daily limit of 500 pounds. The company and state officials said the release did not pose any health risk.

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