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Talen Energy will phase out burning coal at its Brunner Island Steam Electric Station in Pennsylvania in five years before ending coal use altogether in 2029, company officials said Thursday.

The utility said it had reached a settlement with the Sierra Club after the environmental group filed a notice of intent to sue earlier in the day over water and air pollution statutes at the York Haven, PA, plant.

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Under the agreement, Talen will use only natural gas as fuel during the May 1 to September 1 summer ozone season from 2023 onward and will cease all coal burning after December 31, 2028.

The agreement does allow for coal use during the ozone season, subject to limits on annual carbon dioxide and ozone season nitrogen oxide emissions, as well as for coal burn after 2028 during emergencies determined by the PJM Interconnection.

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The utility finished a multiyear project to convert all three units of the 1,411-MW plant to dual-fuel coal and natural gas capability in 2017.

U.S. Energy Information Administration data shows coal deliveries at the plant declined from 1.9 million st in 2015 to 897,000 st in 2016.

Officials with Murray Energy, the sole coal supplier to Brunner Island, declined to comment on coal burn ending at the facility. Murray said it supplied the plant with over 245,000 st of bituminous coal in 2017. 

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