Safety issues with pipelines remain a topic of concern for owners and residents alike.

So, that is why contractors for West Shore Pipe Line Co. are in the process of repairing sections of its regional fuel pipeline within the Jackson Marsh Wildlife Area near Cedar Creek, about 2.5 miles north of a July 2012 gasoline spill.

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An internal inspection of the pipeline determined there was degraded metal in the line at Jackson Marsh, WI, a spokesman for the Illinois company said. This is in close proximity to nearly 24 sections of metal pipe repaired in 2013 at Jackson Marsh.

No leak has been reported at Jackson Marsh, according to state Department of Natural Resources officials.

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Company spokesman David Boone described the work this week as “routine maintenance.”

Contractors placed heavy timber mats atop the wetland so machinery could reach the pipeline.

Workers excavated soil from degraded pipe sections in the hardwood swamp west of county Highway G. The line is undergoing examination from the outside to confirm how those sections will end up repaired.

One repair option includes attaching a metal sleeve around the outside of the degraded pipe to prevent it from rupturing, according to a West Shore representative at Jackson Marsh.

A pipeline rupture in July 2012 spilled 54,600 gallons of gasoline in a farm pasture in the 1800 block of Western Ave., a few miles south of Jackson Marsh.

The spill was the result of a rupture of a welded seam along several feet of 10-inch pipe. The regional pipeline ended up built in 1961.

Gasoline from the spill contaminated groundwater in roughly a 1-square-mile area of the town. Benzene and other petroleum compounds ended up detected in 44 private wells in the town after the spill.

West Shore subsequently paid $5.3 million to build eight miles of water main so the Village of Jackson municipal water could serve the rural area around the spill.

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