The crack down on cyber bad guys is ongoing throughout the world and law enforcement agencies are finding some success in a very difficult environment to find and capture criminals.

A small snapshot of a triumph for the white hats shows that UK law enforcement anti-hacker efforts stopped the theft of over $1.6 billion (£1billion) in just over two years, according to the Met’s Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU).

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As well as the money, the report also said PCeU operations have led to 126 suspects arrested and 89 people convicted, with 30 more awaiting trial, according to the PCeU Harm and reduction report 2013.

The operations also disrupted 26 national and international cyber-based organized crime groups and secured 184 years imprisonment for the 61 criminals.

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At first the police said they would cut the cost of cyber crime by $813 million (£504 million) within four years in 2011. The report highlighted the Allandale and Caldelana operations as key victories that helped it double its projected goal.

Operation Allandale was a sting against a gang conspiring to defraud banks worldwide using a sophisticated phishing scam. The operation resulted in the arrest of three men and prevented $119 million (£74 million) worth of financial damage.

Operation Caldelana saw police target an organized crime group responsible for a sophisticated phishing scam responsible for stealing money from victims’ bank accounts. The operation prevented $63 million (£39 million) worth of damage.

“The PCeU has exceeded all expectations in respect of making the UK’s cyber space more secure,” said Commander Steve Rodhouse, head of gangs and organized crime at the Met. “This is due to its innovative partnership work with industry and law enforcement across the globe and its dynamic system for developing intelligence, enforcing the law and quickly putting protection measures in place,” he said.

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