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Daedalus is a system that is able to display in 3D and real time when and where cyber attacks occur.

Created by Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), the name comes from Daedalus, the mythological character described by the Greeks as being the skillful craftsman that created the famous labyrinth which kept the minotaur.

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Whenever a company is under attack, an alert pops up, along with a visual representation of the attack, which allows researchers to learn the details of the breach.

This real time cyber attack alert system enables security experts to visualize and track threats (including the likes of denial-of-service attacks) through the highly advanced 3D user interface.

Cyber Security

Unlike the conventional monitoring methods, Daedalus employs extensive monitoring of unused IP addresses, called “darknet.” As soon as the system detects any irregularity among the monitored networks, it raises an alert saying, “this IP address of yours is spreading a virus using this protocol at this time.”

Rather than forcing a human to comb through a punishing amount of data, the visualizer turns into an organized stream of lines the user can view and zoomed in on from any angle. You can see networks and subnets, as well as patches of used and unused IP addresses; taking it a step further, the system lights up when an attack is sensed (for example, an IP pinging an unused IP as a virus spreads with reckless abandon).

Currently, NICT is observing 190,000 IP addresses in Japan.

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