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In conjunction with Cyber Security Awareness month, the Security Incidents Organization will offer free introductory membership to The Repository of Industrial Security Incidents (RISI).

This membership includes access to select incident summaries via downloadable PowerPoint slides posted daily throughout the month of October.

Water Plant Cyber Incident Cause for Alarm
Help Secure the Industry
Malware Report: Learn from Past Attacks
RISI Report: Malware Growing

RISI is an industry-wide repository for collecting, investigating, analyzing, and sharing critical information regarding cyber security incidents that directly affect SCADA, manufacturing, and process control systems. With over 200 incidents, RISI is the largest known collection of industrial cyber security incidents.

To get a full, complete membership at a discounted price, users can click here.

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RISI enables members to receive reliable incident information that allows them to learn from others’ experiences, understand the risks associated with industrial cyber-threats, and adapt their current security policies in step with changing industrial cyber-security dynamics.

Founded in 2009, the Security Incidents Organization’s mission is to collect, investigate, analyze and share critical information regarding industrial cyber security incidents on a nondiscriminatory basis. An Advisory Board comprised of leading industrial automation users, consultants and suppliers guides the Security Incidents Organization. For more information about the organization or RISI, log on to

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