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Sypris Electronics LLC signed on to partner with Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab to jointly pursue research and new technology solutions for information security and assurance challenges currently facing the U.S. Government and critical national infrastructure.
As part of the partnership with CyLab, Sypris Electronics plans to collaborate on cyber security and information assurance research, focusing on trusted computing architectures and automated computer defense technologies.
“The 21st century cyber security threat matrix demands a 21st century strategy that will leverage the skills and resources from universities, corporations and the U.S. Government,” said Gene Hambrick, director of corporate relations for Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab.
“CyLab is one of the leading cyber research centers in the U.S.,” said John Walsh, president of Sypris Electronics. “Our mutually beneficial partnership will allow both organizations to share best practices, while exploring new research areas as they relate to solving the complex challenges facing national security today and in the future.”
“For the past 10 years, Sypris has helped the Department of Defense secure its networks,” Walsh said. “Throughout this timeframe, we have learned a multitude of proactive network monitoring techniques, including zero-day attack methodologies and tactics to isolate and neutralize anomalies. Our partnership with CyLab will allow us to further mature these techniques as we expand and continue to support larger defense-wide networks and smart grids of critical infrastructure organizations.”
Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab is one of the largest university-based cyber security education and research centers in the U.S. CyLab is multi-disciplinary and university-wide, involving six colleges from The University, 50 plus faculty and over 130 graduate students. CyLab gets its support from public and private funding, predominantly government research funds and the support of its partners.

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