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CyberX received certification of its application with ServiceNow, which is available in the ServiceNow Store.

Certification by ServiceNow is granted to apps available in the Store and signifies CyberX ICS Incident Manager has successfully completed a set of defined tests focused on Now Platform security, compatibility, performance, and integration interoperability.

The certification also ensures best practices end up utilized in the design and implementation of the CyberX ICS Incident Manager with ServiceNow.

The CyberX integration with ServiceNow accelerates the resolution of operational technology (OT) security incidents and gives SOC analysts greater visibility into OT assets, protocols, malware, and targeted attacks. At the same time, it reduces the overhead of managing information about real-time alerts from diverse OT automation equipment in plants and facilities worldwide.

Cyber Security

The growing momentum of IIoT and digital transformation efforts is bringing efficiencies as well as vulnerabilities to industrial control systems. Industrial and critical infrastructure organizations see a critical need to mitigate OT risk in order to increase the resilience and safety of their ICS/SCADA systems.

CyberX’s agentless, non-intrusive platform enables users to auto-discover their OT assets and network topology, identify critical OT vulnerabilities and attack vectors, and continuously monitor their OT networks for destructive cyberattacks.

Additionally, by integrating with customers’ existing IT security stacks, CyberX enables organizations to more effectively manage OT risk and leverage scarce security personnel across IT and OT.

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