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IoT and industrial control system (ICS) security company, CyberX, extended its agentless industrial cybersecurity platform to protect unmanaged enterprise IoT devices such as routers, CCTV cameras, wireless access points, smart TVs, smart lighting, HVAC devices, wireless printers, sensors, and medical devices.

CyberX’s platform includes patented M2M-aware behavioral analytics and machine learning technology. By tightly integrating with existing IT security stacks, CyberX enables enterprises to leverage security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) approaches to protect numbers of IoT and ICS devices with reduced staffing resources, CyberX officials said Tuesday at Palo Alto Networks IGNITE ‘19 USA conference.

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By providing a unified approach for securing unmanaged devices — across IT and OT — CyberX simplifies global deployments and reduces complexity, thereby decreasing cyber risk. The unified approach is also essential to mitigating enterprise-wide risk because OT cyberattacks often begin with attackers establishing a foothold in IT networks and subsequently pivoting to OT networks (or vice-versa).

With Gartner predicting the number of IoT devices will grow to 25 billion by 2021, boards and management teams are increasingly concerned about the risks posed by unmanaged connected devices and the expanding attack surface they represent. Because these embedded devices cannot be protected by legacy agent-based technologies, due to limited CPU/memory resources — and are often unpatched or misconfigured — they can easily be compromised by adversaries to threaten safety, conduct destructive ransomware attacks, steal sensitive intellectual property, and siphon computing resources for DDoS campaigns and cryptojacking.

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The company’s agentless platform addresses 5 key security questions including:
1. IoT Asset Discovery: What IoT devices do I have, how are they connected, and how are they communicating with each other?
2. IoT Risk and Vulnerability Management: What are the top risks and vulnerabilities for our crown jewel assets — and how do we prioritize mitigation?
3. IoT Threat Monitoring and Incident Response: Do we have any IoT threats in our network right now — and how do we quickly investigate and mitigate them?
4. IoT Threat Intelligence: How are our devices being targeted, what are the specific IoCs — and what are the adversaries after?
5. SOC Integration: How do we leverage our existing IT security and SOC investments — in people, processes & technology — to secure unmanaged IoT devices?

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